Graphic Designing

Apart from studies of any child, Creativity also plays a vital role. Play Groups, Kindergarten, pre-schools and early learning centre requires creative artworks for educating and helping young kids to learn in a creative and very innovative way. Even promotional activities for parents too. At Design Torch Studio we cater to all artwork requirements of schools. Within our scope of work, we design creatives such as all kind of posters, Hoarding designs, admission open flyers, standees, pamphlets and many other such artworks. We also design creative artworks for activities, Innovative Worksheets and special programs for children.

What comes under graphic designing?

  • School Brochures
  • Program Catalogues
  • Individual Program Flyers
  • Flyers for Activities
  • Flyers for Events
  • Flyers for Marketing
  • Children Birthday Cards
  • Classroom Wall Artwork
  • Outdoor Creatives
  • Standees & Canopy
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