Online Virtual Classes


A community oriented web conferencing device with an online whiteboard, breakout rooms, and screen sharing abilities for instructors and mentors who need to lead exceptionally intelligent live web based educating meetings.

has a rich set of tools to make learning an engaging experience.

Designed by tutors for tutors.
It is simple and intuitive for both kids and non-tech savvy users.

Allows you to conduct live online sessions with your learners without the need to install any additional software.

is successfully used by freelance tutors and language teachers, as well as kindergartens, schools, universities, teaching organisations and corporations.

Offer with your members different sorts of learning assets on the whiteboard and examine them during your live meetings. Draw in your members in various collective exercises utilizing the instruments for making, altering and introducing learning content.

See and hear your up to 25 members all the while and experience a communication which is fundamentally the same as up close and personal preparing.

Exhibit extra programming and multimedia applications by offering your screen to the members

Consolidate different showing strategies in a single meeting – collaborate with all the members in the primary virtual study hall, direct little gathering exercises and allot singular undertakings in the breakout rooms.

Make learning all the more captivating by utilizing diverse sight and sound materials or sharing YouTube vidoe during your live meetings.

Guides can make, reuse and share with different mentors content layouts, which spare all learning assets orchestrated by the educator in the virtual study hall.

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